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Kay Saunders was a member of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets (WFOP) for over 40 years
and was the Regional Vice President for the Central Fox Valley Region for more than 15.

She loved to encourage budding poets of all ages. This award was established in her name
to continue her spirit of nurturing new poets.

Contributions to Support the New Poet Award
Contributions to the New Poet Award can be made, with reference to the "Kay Saunders Fearsome Foursome Fund", to the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, P.O. Box 563, Appleton WI 54912-0563, or their page for gifts. After clicking the link, click 'Other" and then write 'Fearsome Foursome Fund' in the line below.

The “Fearsome Foursome Fund” was established by George Saunders to give tribute to the friendship Kay had with three other poets. Kay Saunders, Helen Fahrbach, June Zwickey, and Ellen Kort, all Wisconsin poets and members of WFOP, shared an amazing friendship that spanned thirty-some years. It started with their mutual interest in poetry. The four women met often, traveled to WFOP conferences together and encouraged, affirmed and supported one another in much the same way WFOP does its members. George witnessed a continuing growth and professionalism in Kay’s poetry and knew that it was partly due to the support of her three friends. He was impressed with the writing strength that went beyond the women as individuals. He began to call them “The Fearsome Foursome” and the name held fast through the years.

Contest Information
Contest rules and deadlines, can be found under the “Triad Contest” at the WFOP Web site.

Past Winners
Past contest winners can be found here.

In Memoriam
View it here (from the Spring 2004 issue WFOP Museletter)